Mydavolu Moral School
since :
Contact Person : Mydavolu Hara Vijaya Kumar and Dr. Padmaja Rani
Address : Bypass Road, RAJAHMUNDRY-533101 Andhra Pradesh, India.
Contact no's : (L)  +(91)-0883-2476510, 9246656510 , 9246657510
Working Hours : Monday to Saturday 10 am to 2pm; 4pm to 8pm Sunday Holiday.
Description :
Sri Mydavolu Subbarao Pantulu Memorial
Started on :                      29th September 1990.
Computerization on :      24th December 1998
Alms & Objects:
To provide best medical and Healthe Services through Ayurvdoc Science Drugs. To Provide Availability of dedicated and experienced Ayurvedic physicians. Medical Coundelling for healthy life style. Develop ment and spreading of Ayurvedic science by inter acting with other systems of medical sciences and technologies.
Director : M.H. Vijaya Kumar,  Cell: 9246656510
Consultant : Dr. M.Padmaja Rani,  Cell : 9246657510
Location :
Near Godavari Bund, Opp. Sadanam, Mydavoluvari Street, Rajahmundry-533101., East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Phone : 0883-2476510
Timings :
Monday  to Saturday 10 am to 2pm;  4pm to 8pm
Sunday Holiday.
Facilities :
•    Ayurvedic treatments.
•    Ayurvedic Dispensary
•    Consultation availability by prior appointment by phone.
(Presently not conducting)
(Free Ayurvedic Camps for Poor)
Started on : 7th July 1996
Aims & Objects:
To protect and promote Ayurvedic system of medicine. To educate preventive measure from different diseases and health counslling. To develop Ayurvedic medical science. To serve the needy from poor financial background and family support. To help them in keeting good health and to provide best ayurvedic medical and drug support to free them from their diseases.

Location :
Bypass Road,
Andhra Pradesh, India.
Project Director : M.H.Vijaya kumar
Regular Physician : Dr.M.Padmaja Rani
Timings : Every Saturday 9am to 1pm
Mydavolu Counseling
Started on : 1st September 1996.

Aims & Objects : To give medical, legal, matrimonial counseling and advise solutions.
It includes lectures to specific groups on different topics and guidelines.
The centre provided counseling sessions at Women Home, Children jail and schools at Rajahmundry.

Cousellors:   M.H.Vijaya Kumar Dr.M. Padmaja Rani

Bypass Road, Rajahmundry- 533101, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Mydavolu Moral School
(School for development of Character, Career & Health)
Started on:  25th February 1998
Aims & Objects: To arrange scholarly lectures by eminent people from different faculties for buildup Morals, Character, Career and Health.It is not a regular school with admissions, syllabus, permanent lectures and staff. The main aim of this school is to focus the morals, ethics and other important subjects, which are not dealing at schools and collages to the young generations, which will manage all the fields in future. The school wants to educate different subjects to different groups and sections of the society for the betterment of the society.

Dr. Mydavolou Padmaja Rani  B.A., M.S.

Born on 10-10-1961 at Rajahmundry to Late Smt. Gandham Varalakshmi and Late Sri Sitaramanjaneyulu garu, Founder – Editor of Samacharam (1956) telugu daily from Rajahmundry. Given adoption to his paternal aunt’s family of Late Sri Mydavolu Buchipapayya pantulu and Smt. Venkata Sarojini garu,. Gave up Ayurvedic medical education for sub standards in medical collage  and gave up Legal profession to develop Ayurvedic science. Principal person behind all projects and programs. Secretary, Sri Kusuma Haranath Mandir. Married Dr. Padmaja Rani in 1985.
Dr.Sri P.Sathakopalacharya of Warangal. Trained in Allopathy at allopathic multi specialties and observed major surgeries, emergencies, latest diagnostic equipment’s and ICUs. Blessed with two daughters Kusuma Sruti and Vimala Kruti.
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Distance from : Rail way station: 3.0 km, Bus station: 2.0 km
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Mydavolu Moral School